Friday, July 3, 2009

Cleveland mayoral candidate Laverne Jones Gore speaks out on energy, economic development, leadership and cooperation in Cleveland and the region.

CLEVELAND, OHIO USA – July 2, 2009 -- The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections today informed Cleveland mayoral candidate Laverne Jones Gore that her nominating petitions contain sufficient valid signatures to place her name on the ballot for the upcoming Cleveland municipal race for mayor. The primary is Tuesday, September 8, 2009. She submitted 6451 signatures. According to Cleveland mayoral candidate Laverne Jones Gore:

“The issue for Cleveland is not really what to do. The first issue is who has the political will to do what must be done through honest, effective leadership and genuine cooperation.”

“I want to thank the thousands of Clevelanders who took the time to share with me their very real concerns about the future of our city, and to sign my petitions. Clevelanders are extremely clear that they want honest, competent elected officials who are interested in providing the highest levels of service. They are very concerned about the economy, the education of their children, safety and the quality of basic city services. Foremost, they are concerned about jobs.”

“Economic development and the attraction and creation of jobs will be given the highest priority in my administration, when I am elected mayor of the City of Cleveland,” announced candidate Laverne Jones Gore. “I don’t need to give you statistics about what has happened in Cleveland during the last twenty years of staggering decline. The voters, themselves appear ready to do what is necessary to turn this city around.”

“Cleveland voters do understand that they have an obligation to act responsibly by electing an administration committed to restoring integrity, honesty and competent leadership to Cleveland City Hall, so that, together, we may participate in the rebuilding of America . . . a task that starts with the rebuilding of her cities . . . for the good of Cleveland as well as the region. We cannot continue to miss out on opportunities, and we must be active in creating them for the benefit of the entire northeast Ohio area.”

“While Cleveland qualifies as a direct entitlement city, awarding of entitlements is still conditioned upon the consent of the Federal Administration. We cannot delay in sending a strong message to Washington that there is reason to have confidence in Cleveland’s ability to govern itself responsibly. As a city, we must rid ourselves of even the appearance of incompetence and tolerance for fraud in government, and do so without delay. Otherwise, our ability to successfully compete for federal stimulus and recovery funds will continue to be seriously impaired. Clevelanders can begin the immediate work of restoring confidence in the governance of the City of Cleveland by voting for me on September 8, and electing me mayor on November 3."

“Energy is but one of at least eighteen economic sectors that Cleveland must develop to broaden and diversify its economy. Through economic diversification, we will involve, educate, train, attract, and grow the city’s workforce, and minimize the adverse impacts of single sector declines and their ensuing economic cycles.”

“Under a Jones Gore Administration, I promise to both support, initiate, encourage and lead the area’s development of its (intellectual, academic, manufacturing, human, technological, administrative, and financial) resources and capacities in energy research, innovation, manufacturing, production, conservation, storage and utilization.”

“Creating jobs through Green Initiatives. Through the City’s Department of Economic Development, I will initiate, fund, support, and encourage initiatives, projects and activities that will stimulate, contribute to and expand the area’s capacity as a whole to innovate1, capitalize on, and advance energy and green initiatives.”

“Those initiatives will include the areas of the basic sciences, biomass, building construction3, energy efficiency2, the environment, fuels, chemical and alternative fuels, geothermal energy, industrial energy efficiencies, renewable energy, recycling, solar (passive, radiation and thermal) energy4, transportation, wind, and utilities.”

“The City itself has an obligation to its taxpayers to engage in every practical application of energy conservation now technologically available. The City must absolutely reduce its energy consumption through cost-effective efficiencies. Those goals are identifiable, measurable and doable. Those savings must be passed on to citizens, ratepayers and businesses in the form of increased and improved City services. The City of Cleveland must join the growing ranks of those municipalities that are energy-savvy, as a matter of sound fiscal policy.”
Note to editors: For a direct interview with, or immediate response from Cleveland mayoral candidate Laverne Jones Gore, please send a text message to: 510-435-2329; email the campaign press office at; or telephone Cheryle Neal Reed, at 510-435-2329.

On the Ballot . . . Thank you Cleveland!

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections today certified the candidacy of Cleveland Mayoral candidate Laverne Jones Gore. She filed 6451 signatures, and is one of 5 mayoral candidates running in the Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Primary Election. To join the campaign, volunteer, get a yard sign, or make a campaign donation, send your email to

Again, thank you Cleveland, for your support! -- Laverne Jones Gore.

Friday, June 26, 2009

SIgn our petition and visit the Laverne Jones Gore for Mayor Booth at the Larchmere Street Festival

Sign Laverne Jones Gore's historic mayoral candidacy nominating petition at our booth at the Larchmere Flea Market and Street Festival, Saturday, June 27, 2009 from 11am until 5pm. For details:

Come and register to vote; or update your voting address. See us near Larchmere and East 124th Street. Cleveland, Ohio USA.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Laverne Jones Gore files petitions, 5821 signatures

June 24, 2009 - Cleveland - Cleveland Mayoral Candidate Laverne Jones Gore today filed her petitions for candidacy, containing some 5821 signatures, at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. Validating signatures takes a couple of days.

According to Laverne Jones Gore, "We are very pleased at the response to our campaign from Cleveland voters who have absolutely indicated they desire a change in leadership, and direction in this City.

We have visited every ward talking to people about the economy, safety and crime, the schools, and jobs, the issues most important to voters. More importantly, we have been listening to what they know to be wrong with things as they are.

They are distraught and upset about the corruption and convictions in the Jackson Administration's Building and Housing Department, and the lackluster leadership displayed regarding jobs, safety, city services and the schools.

I hear their angst and feel their pain. But more importantly, they understand that until Cleveland rids itself of the stigma of corruption now swamping City Hall under the current administration, all Clevelanders, including the City's hardworking employees, as well as the surrounding county, will suffer the consequences when county, state and federal government entities decide to wait for new leadership in Cleveland before investing time, energy and resources in here. The voters understand that, and want a change.

I believe that the overwhelming majority of City workers are honest, competent and hardworking, and are doing the best that they can under the circumstances, with the limited resources that are provided by incompetent, negligent leadership.

When that leadership fails to serve its citizens well, and, for personal reasons overstays its welcome, and outlives its political usefulness, voters really do know that its time for a change."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Volunteer! Join the Campaign.

ATTENTION: Volunteers: Check out the new blog just for Campaign volunteers!. Join the staff and help change Cleveland. Click on the title above to go to the Volunteers! site, or click

Join the Candidate Petition Signature drive to place Laverne Jones Gore on the ballot for Mayor of the City of Cleveland

We are gathering signatures every day. Volunters can pick up a petition package, or sign a petition between 10 am and 7 pm, at the home of Candidate Laverne Jones Gore, 13416 Ardoon Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. (Google the address for directions). Call 216-229-5053,and leave a message with your name, a return phone number, and the time of your pick-up. Or, send an email to

Monday, February 16, 2009

Laverne Jones Gore - Biographic Highlights


CLEVELAND / - Monday, February 16, 2009 - / Cleveland resident Laverne Jones Gore today confirmed her intention to seek the office of Mayor of the City of Cleveland. The following biographic brief was issued today.


Laverne Jones Gore is a native Clevelander, and Cleveland Public Schools graduate (John Adams High School). She holds several degrees, including a Masters of Public Health, MPH: Minority Health and Intervention from NEOUCOM/Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH; a Masters of Education, M.Ed., Adult Education/Counseling from Cleveland State University, Cleveland OH; a Case Western Reserve Executive Management Certification, earned while at Ohio Savings Association; and a Bachelor of Science, Economics/European History from Pitzer College, Claremont CA.


Most notably, Laverne Jones Gore was a candidate for Cuyahoga County Commissioner.
She is a registered Democrat.



Laverne Jones Gore is president of L.A. Gore & Associates, a consulting group focusing on social marketing of both health products and behaviors with an emphasis on community based health planning and intervention. Ms. Gore has designed and directed community based social marketing concepts to the National Institute of Health; and prepared the grant submission for University Hospitals Health Care System (UHHS), “The Effect of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination / Bias on Health,” (July 2007-October 2007).
Laverne Jones Gore was a chief consultant for the UHHS/Key Bank project on diversity, “Identifying Barriers to Faculty Transition for Minority Residents.”
She was responsible for developing the written concept as outlined by executive management for Internal Review Board (IRB) approval (June 2006-November 2007).
Laverne Jones Gore published an occasional newsletter for the U.S. Army Recruitment, “Minority Health Concepts”. (2007)

PUBLIC SERVICE. Government Sector.

As a partner in Gore Betts & Associates (1999-2003), Laverne Jones Gore served as a registered lobbyist of the State of Ohio, and represented the interests of municipalities and organizations to the Ohio General Assembly and the State of Ohio.

PUBLIC SERVICE. Military Sector.

Laverne Jones Gore served as a national recruiter (2003-2007), for the United States Military Academy, engaging in the recruitment of students for the United States Military Academy at West Point. She was a spokesperson on behalf of the Academy to various civilian audiences, including parents, community members, schools and religious organizations, to enhance awareness of available opportunities for service and education within the academies.
During her tenure, she structured and marketed conferences for recruitment for the United States Military Academy, in collaboration with all other US military academies; acted as Liaison for the United States Army recruitment office and the United Pastors in Mission; and was a participant in the Leadership conference to evaluate minority recruitment practices in the United States Military Academy.

PUBLIC SERVICE. Non-profit Sector.

Laverne Jones Gore served as executive director (2004-2005) of the Sarah J. Harper Leadership Institute. The S. J. Harper Leadership Institute is designed to enhance individuals seeking corporate and personal advancement through personal development. The Institute conducts small group workshops, utilizing advanced training techniques.


Laverne Jones Gore served as a Department Administrator, Mortgage Services, for TransOhio Savings Bank (1985-1990), where she developed and implemented written Standard Operating Procedures manuals for the mortgage servicing division, and for the Customer Service operations; as well as designed and implemented employee training.

Laverne Jones Gore served as a Commercial/Residential Loan Officer (1982-1985) at Security Pacific National Bank, San Diego, CA. She was responsible for Branch management, personnel supervision, mortgage loan originations, supervision of mortgage loan servicing, and retail sales executive loans.
Laverne Jones Gore was a branch manager (1980-1982), at Ohio Savings Association, Pepper Pike, Ohio. Her duties included branch management, staff supervision, sales and marketing for Individual Retirement Accounts, Keogh Plans, Investment Certificates of Deposit, Money Market, and Savings Programs.


Laverne Jones Gore is a member of a number of organizations, including
· Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute
· Association of Public Health Professionals
· Pitzer College Alumni Association


Laverne Jones Gore has traveled throughout Germany, England, France, and Western Africa; and resided in Italy, and Romania.

Released Monday, February 16, 2009, Cleveland, Ohio USA

According to Laverne Jones Gore:

“Cleveland needs new leadership. We must break with and change from the tired politics of the past in Cleveland. We must forge new coalitions that will ensure a better future for all Clevelanders. We must continue the efforts that have brought about great historic changes in Washington. The battleground now shifts to the cities, where promises are delivered, where dreams are realized; where political change actually impacts people's lives for better or worse.
“The City of Cleveland needs and deserves the innovative leadership of an administration that is energized, competent, intelligent, compassionate and effective in these trying times; an administration that welcomes new ideas and has the will to act to get things done on behalf of Cleveland. Now is the time for HOPE, ACTION and CHANGE in Cleveland! Cleveland needs new leadership.
“I am planning a run for mayor of the City of Cleveland. I am asking for your help. Together, we can make effective change happen in Cleveland. To join my campaign, send an email to: Thank you.”


Friday, February 13, 2009

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Welcome to the official blog of the Laverne Jones Gore for Mayor of Cleveland Campaign . . . CLEVELAND NEEDS CHANGE NOW.

If there were ever a time in history it is now . . . if there were ever a place in America . . . it is truely Cleveland . . .

We must change the tired politics of the past in Cleveland. We must forge new coalitions that will ensure a better future for all Clevelanders. We must continue the efforts that have brought about great changes in Washington. The battleground now shifts to the cities, where promises are delivered, where dreams are realized. Where political change actually impacts people's lives for better or worse.

Cleveland knows the ravages of "worst" first hand. From the weather to the economy, from crime statistics to the schools, from the housing and mortgage market to the price of food, fuel and medicine. I could list the details, but almost every family and business in Cleveland is suffering the details. What is called for is action. And that action calls for change.

I am working now to recruit and organize a Campaign to elect a new administration that promises to govern on behalf of its citizens, not just the connected few . . . that promises to be free from political graft and corruption . . . that promises to lead, govern and care about the well being of its citizens.

An administration that is competent, intelligent, compassionate and effective in these trying times. An administration that welcomes new ideas . . . and has the will to act to get things done on behalf of Cleveland. Now is the time for HOPE, ACTION and CHANGE in Cleveland!

I am running for mayor of the city of Cleveland. I am asking for your help. Together, we can make effective change happen in Cleveland. To join my campaign, send an email to:

May God bless Cleveland and America! May God bless you and your family!

Laverne Jones Gore
Candidate for Mayor
City of Cleveland

Paid for by the Laverne Jones Gore for Mayor Committee, James E. Gore, Treasurer.
13416 Ardoon Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44120. Direct: 216-229-5053.